Computer Repair Question: Why is my Computer so Slow?

On: March, 7th 2011 | Under: Computer Repair, How To: Technology 101

We’ve all been there. Our computer is working perfectly fine when all of a sudden it just – slows. down. Not fun, right? Well, lucky for you we were able to put together some of the best solutions to some of the most common causes for a slow computer.

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What Are Remote Access Programs?

On: February, 28th 2011 | Under: Managed Services

With mobile computing growing rapidly the ability to remotely access networks is more important than ever. Remote access technologies allow entry into a computer network or system when a computer is not part of a network. Accomplishing this requires the right combination of equipment, protocols and applications.

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How Home Networking Works

On: February, 24th 2011 | Under: Computer Networking, How To: Technology 101, Technology & Tools

Once viewed as an excessive technological need, home networking is becoming more and more common. Why? Because home networking is now cheaper than ever, and the uses for them are now clearer than ever.

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Safer Internet Day

On: February, 23rd 2011 | Under: Industry News: This Week in IT, Technology & Tools

As our children grow up in the presence of the Internet, computer skills have become as fundamental as learning to swim or ride a bike.  In fact, a recent survey showed that more small children know how to play a computer game than ride a bike, and more small children can use an application on a smartphone than can tie their own shoelaces. 

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Computer Troubleshooters Named in 2011 Top Low Cost Franchise Report

On: February, 21st 2011 | Under: Computer Repair

Franchise Business Review has published their 2011 list of Top Low Cost Franchises.  Download the report and read about Computer Troubleshooters here

The FranchiseHelp Team Learns About CT’s Success From Chip Reaves

On: December, 30th 2010 | Under: Computer Repair

The FranchiseHelp Team sat down with Computer Troubleshooters CEO Chip Reaves to talk about founding a company with hundreds of computer service franchises across the globe. Chip explains why Computer Troubleshooters franchisees are so successful and talks about their formula for finding franchisees both in the United States and in international markets……more