Computer hackers surf new program

On: November, 8th 2010 | Under: Computer Repair

Computer Troubleshooters North Coast owner Tony Hattam said downloading the plug-in and taking over someone’s account on an unsecured network was a relatively easy process and ….more….

Westrand & Randburg Franchise Success Story

On: November, 2nd 2010 | Under: Computer Repair

Franchise has achieved remarkable growth over the last few years despite the current recession…more

Hijacking threat a bit sheepish

On: November, 2nd 2010 | Under: Computer Repair

COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS Toowoomba owner Neil Sciffer shows how easy it is to be hijacked in social networks and has had first-hand more

AVG (au/nz) Resellers Rewarded For Customer Renewals (Voxy)

On: November, 1st 2010 | Under: Computer Repair

Dennis Jones, Director of Computer Troubleshooters in Hamilton, has been an AVG Gold Reseller for some seven years. In accepting his quarterly commission…more…

The Three Types of Computer Repair Techs: Which One Are You Using?

On: September, 24th 2010 | Under: Computer Repair

Here’s what bugs me about our industry – there’s no real certification process.  Anybody who wants to can hang out a sign (or website) that says “Computer Repair” and – presto! You’re officially a computer repair person.  Unlike doctors, lawyers, accountants, HVAC companies, and pretty much any other reputable industry, computer repair is not regulated by anyone so there is a wide range of quality between one computer repair guy and the next.

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Triple Crown for IT Support Franchise

On: February, 25th 2010 | Under: Computer Repair

Growth in IT has been hard to find in recent years. The inclusion of Computer Troubleshooters in the annual BRW Fast Franchise list has recognized the IT support network for its continued growth. The Franchise was founded in 1997 in Australia, it last was listed in the BRW Fast Franchise in 2006 as the number 1 export franchise and since then has grown to almost 500 locations in 27 countries around the globe.

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