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Worth watching take a few minutes to review it just might save you some money:
Participating at the Continuum partner day.
Everyday a  business faces the threat of a cyber-security breach. What is the true cost?
Beware of fake parcel delivery emails leading into Christmas. Fake parcel delivery email scams, branded as Australia Post or delivery companies such as UPS. have more than tripled in 2016 according to the ACCC. Recipients who follow these instructions are likely to inadvertently infect their computer or network with malicious software (malware). They may find a type of malware known as ransomware has locked their files and the scammers are demanding payment for the software to unlock them.

Our advice is Dont Click unknown emails, always have an unconnected backup, and if you do click turn everything off & disconnect all devices from your network ASAP. Then give us a call!

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Fyi. I view all my emails on an ipad. Never had a problem so far with these fake emails (and I get plenty of them) Ipads simply wont allow these sorts of attachments to open in the first place

Microsoft Support Pop-up Scam - this latest malware looks to be using Google Chrome & Edge search browsers to enable a fake Microsoft Support Pop-Up on your screen it advises  Your Computer has been Blocked & to the Call for Support on 1800 152 454 - this connects you to a fake help centre who then do their best to convince you to install ransomware on your computer remotely. Of course hangup and call us to remove the pop-up software
Australian Netflix users are being urged to delete a scam email that leads to a fake website .� Be aware of emails subject line: Netflix Membership On Hold.  Do Not Click on this email  as it will lead you through a very sophisticated Phishing scam. Full Story ..

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Debbie Campbell

Marie Woolford

Joel Woolford Kelly Theobald

Checkout our latest Office 365 & IT Solutions Catalogue - if you were wondering if Office 365 is for your business then you should have a good read then give us a call 1300 282878.
JB HI-FI - Samsung Email Scam - Beware an email titled - YOUR NAME,  your Samsung TV will be delivered at noon tomorrow. It suggests you have won a Samsung TV and that by clicking on the confirm now you can claim delivery of your new TV. Sound too good to be True - well we think it is and it is just another Crytolocker scam email previously scamming as AGL. Dont click! Please warn your family & staff.

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Wouldn't it be nice

Yer u join their online gambling sca?mmers

no such thing as a free lunch.


This is a scam from bejing china....please ignore..

Same with phones

I have contacted jbhifi to let them know this is doing the rounds....again..

thanks for this post - shared

Report it to Scamwatch, the more reports this scammers get against them the better:

Never use my credit card or bank,card on the net But yes those that. Do or have to. Terrible.

These pricks should be charged for fraud, I'm getting dozens of similar shit in my emails every day

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Beware of business scams impersonating the ACCC - Be on the lookout for bogus emails claiming to be from the ACCC (but not this email – this one is really from us).
The ACCC is warning businesses to watch out for scam emails that claim to be from the ACCC but in fact contain links that can infect your computer with malware.
In the past week, several businesses have reported receiving bogus requests from scammers claiming to be the ACCC. The emails asks businesses to respond to a complaint that has been made about them, or seek payment for an infringement notice for breach of copyright.
Legitimate emails from government agencies will always have an email address that ends in

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Telstra Refund scam email - Cryptolocker Again

We have just seen the latest version of the Cryptolocker email scam - this time looking like a Telstra email asking you to click to claim your refund. Hard on the heels of the AGL Bill scam it is increasingly obvious that these scams are now locally targeted using large company logo graphics & producing results for the scammers.

One of our guy organised payment for a new client, who didnt follow our advice on backup ups and not clicking on scam emails, it cost over $1,000 AUD in Bitcoins to buy the encryption key to retrieve the data. Plus we still needed to restore the data and remove the malware.

That would have easily paid for the backup and security protection that would have prevented this situation. See our Blog to learn more about Cryptolocker

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And the grammar is so bad I am still surprised people fall for it

Spelling errors are a tactic to get through to those most likely to get sucked in - weeding out the brighter ones ...

Whenever I see AUD I just delete

Gordon Skaife

Heather Abrahams

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WARNING: Reports of a phishing scam where hackers pretend to be Google & ask for your two factor authentication code via SMS.

If they already have your password (maybe because youve used the same one that was in a breach of LinkedIn, Tumblr, MySpace etc) this give them total control of your accounts. They use it to verify that they are actually you.

If you have two factor authentication turned on, NEVER give out your code via SMS. Google will never ask you to do this.

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Thank you. I have heard of this scam.

AGL Email Beware - Crytolocker a virus that can completely lock all your documents, photos and files is now being spread using an  email that looks just like an AGL billing email (AGL is a well known gas & electricity company) - your only protection is making sure you dont click or if you do make sure you have a non connected backup - if you click on it follow our recommendations below - Beware!

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Thanks for the advice

Ty shared for friends.

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