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6 months ago

2017 CT Annual Conference Video Highlights
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Why consider remote monitoring in you small business. Well imagine a dashboard that tells you in advance what you need to maintain in order to avoid business disruption. ... See MoreSee Less

Do you have children? Are you concerned about their online activities? Are you concerned about them being bullied?then ask yourself are you doing everything possible to protect them. This article will guide you through the key questions you need answered.… ... See MoreSee Less

Worth watching take a few minutes to review it just might save you some money:
Participating at the Continuum partner day.Image attachment
Everyday a  business faces the threat of a cyber-security breach. What is the true cost?
Beware of fake parcel delivery emails leading into Christmas. Fake parcel delivery email scams, branded as Australia Post or delivery companies such as UPS. have more than tripled in 2016 according to the ACCC. Recipients who follow these instructions are likely to inadvertently infect their computer or network with malicious software (malware). They may find a type of malware known as ransomware has locked their files and the scammers are demanding payment for the software to unlock them.

Our advice is Dont Click unknown emails, always have an unconnected backup, and if you do click turn everything off & disconnect all devices from your network ASAP. Then give us a call!


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Fyi. I view all my emails on an ipad. Never had a problem so far with these fake emails (and I get plenty of them) Ipads simply wont allow these sorts of attachments to open in the first place

Microsoft Support Pop-up Scam - this latest malware looks to be using Google Chrome & Edge search browsers to enable a fake Microsoft Support Pop-Up on your screen it advises  Your Computer has been Blocked & to the Call for Support on 1800 152 454 - this connects you to a fake help centre who then do their best to convince you to install ransomware on your computer remotely. Of course hangup and call us to remove the pop-up software
Australian Netflix users are being urged to delete a scam email that leads to a fake website .� Be aware of emails subject line: Netflix Membership On Hold.  Do Not Click on this email  as it will lead you through a very sophisticated Phishing scam. Full Story .. attachment


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