FREE Office 365 Assessment

5 Reasons Why Your Business needs an FREE Office 365 Assessment:



Office 365 has changed the business IT environment dramatically – it is a revolution in the way business can gain access to their core Microsoft Office Products and requires a full review of the current IT environment & procedures.  If done correctly though, an assessment of the technology in your business should be quick and painless and yield you with some valuable information saving you investment, time and money.



Here are our top 5 reasons why your business would benefit from an IT Assessment for Office 365:

  1. Find immediate areas for improvement – If you’re thinking of upgrading your systems there may be a better way to run your business IT to suit the current business trends of “Bring your own Device”, “Multiple Device Access & Syncing” and “Business Systems Remote Access”. Office 365 is a  great solution for these major drivers.
  2. Budget for longer-term areas of improvement  or find savings – An assessment may reveal out-dated hardware, capacity issues and key risks of failure to your business. With an IT Assessment ou can then plan and budget to address these areas in the future, instead of having to react tomorrow to an unforeseen full disk. Office 365 may smooth your expenditure requirements or may be significantly cheaper than upgrading your current IT systems.
  3. Know what software is on your computers – If your employees are able to install software onto your computers, do you know what they have been installing? An audit will reveal if your computers have illegal file sharing software or other programs that may be relevant to their hobbies, not their work (e.g. share trading).
  4. Security & Backup checks – as an outsider we can provide you with feedback, recommendations & alternatives you may not be aware off , that give you peace of mind for your business systems & data security.
  5. Verify your current Systems  – Your business will have certain assets & licences listed for accounting purposes which should be reviewed and recorded. That way you can understand what licences, hardware and user requirements you have should you choose to the Office 365 route.


As  IT experts we would like to offer you a free onsite IT Consultation* for your business.

Our onsite consultation Summary includes;

1. Assessment of your current IT setup, your systems security, & data backup procedures.

2. Discuss with you your current and future business requirements from your IT equipment to explaining any Office 365 & Cloud opportunities.

3. Present recommendations based on your business requirements

* Free onsite IT Consultation is available for Businesses only & at franchise owner discretion

Computer Troubleshooters can help you on the Office 365 journey with Planning, Setup, & Migration PLUS ongoing Local Support & Administration

What is Office 365

Office 365 is a combination of the old Microsoft Office Professional licence software that enabled Outlook, Word, Excel, & Powerpoint; plus 365 includes hosted Exchange email (Enterprise grade Email), plus OneDrive for business (Cloud Storage), Skype for Business (Teleconferencing), Yammer (Social Business Platform) plus more….

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Office 365 Solutions

Read our Office 365 & IT Solutions catalogue to get a full view of Office 365 capabilities, applications, features and benefits and how we can set your business up for the future. Our guide to modern business IT explains how even for the smallest business can be fully IT enabled into the cloud plus more…

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Office 365 Planning

As the new default Microsoft Office Product for Business, Office 365 offers many advantages in terms of lower investment, multiple device, & anywhere access, however before you embark on the 365 Migration we recommend you take the time to understand the product limitations and requirements , plus more…

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Office 365 Setup , Migration & Support

We can help with your Microsoft office 365 Setup, Migration & Support  requirements.  As an experience Microsoft support partner for 365 we can ensure the smooth transfer from your old IT systems to the new cloud enabled environment with a minimum of business disruption & with Computer Troubleshooters being your local single point of contact

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Small Business Server Alternatives

Microsoft Small Business Server was the primary small business solution provided by Computer Troubleshooters until it withdrawal in 2014. Now businesses with up to 75 employees need to seek alternative solutions which is quite often a combination of  Office 365 and local on premise solutions.

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Local Server Alternatives

Microsoft have confirmed that the end of life for Microsoft Server 2003  is July 2015. While replacements are available Businesses running Server 2003 have an number of options and combinations they can embrace including Office 365 and Server 2012 R2. Continuing to use Microsoft Server 2003 after this date will mean your business will be taking an increasing risk of failure & declining performance,

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