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Password Strength, Pt. 1: Picking an Unbreakable Password

Avatar On: January, 18th 2012 | Under: How To: Technology 101

Passwords are a big part of keeping your work safe online.  Nearly every vital system and tool that businesses use today are password-protected, so it is critical to create strong passwords that are easy for you to remember and difficult for hackers to figure out.  In general, a strong password is one that appears complex and would be difficult to guess.  Below are some specific ways you can achieve this.

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Top 8 Ways to Protect the Data on Your Computer

Avatar On: March, 28th 2011 | Under: How To: Technology 101

If you’re a typical person, you probably have tons of vital data on your computer that you don’t want to lose. For some, that data is family pictures. For others, it’s important essays. No matter what data you want to protect on your computer, the fear of losing valuable data to random viruses, bugs or computer damage always lingers.

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Computer Repair Question: Why is my Computer so Slow?

Avatar On: March, 7th 2011 | Under: Computer Repair, How To: Technology 101

We’ve all been there. Our computer is working perfectly fine when all of a sudden it just – slows. down. Not fun, right? Well, lucky for you we were able to put together some of the best solutions to some of the most common causes for a slow computer.

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How Home Networking Works

Avatar On: February, 24th 2011 | Under: Computer Networking, How To: Technology 101, Technology & Tools

Once viewed as an excessive technological need, home networking is becoming more and more common. Why? Because home networking is now cheaper than ever, and the uses for them are now clearer than ever.

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