Computer Troubleshooters Franchise Opportunity

Why Computer Troubleshooters is an Excellent Opportunity

take-next-stepComputer Troubleshooters is an excellent franchise opportunity for the business owner that wants to build a successful IT and technology services business.  Not only are we the World’s Largest IT Service Franchise, but we also provide our franchise owners with training, support and benefits that cannot be found anywhere else!

Our franchise owners are business professionals, trusted advisors to their clients, and IT Service experts.  They are able to be all of these things because they take advantage of the guidance, support and strong network of the franchise to ensure their success. Our superior service offering include:

  • Fast Start – our initial training program inclusions, resources, and marketing is designed to get you started Fast – so the day you leave training your are ready to start building your business.
  • Brand – We are a trusted brand with over 15 years of franchising in Australia and supporting our clients, but we are more than a computer franchise we specially target business with IT support and see the Cloud as a great opportunity to grow our business.
  • Exceptional Vendor Relationships and Pricing connects you with industry leaders that help you provide first-class services to your clients.  We have worked hard to build successful relationships with the industry’s best vendors, providing our franchisees with a higher level of services and unmatched profit margins.
  • Initial New Owner Training is a comprehensive 4 day training including on-site experience that will prepare you to be a successful technology-based business owner.  It is followed by an mentoring program to help you as you continue launching your new business.
  • Ongoing Training is available to all of our owners, so everyone can reap the benefits and utilize all of the programs and vendor relationships that are offered.  .  The most valuable training you can be a part of is the interaction and knowledge exchange from the World-Wide Network Computer Troubleshooters franchisees.  We are a partner in your business and want you to be successful.
  • Complete Franchise Office Package that includes a professionally designed company website, stationary, marketing materials and access to an automated office & admin billing system that allows appointment scheduling, tracking, and management of client technology systems, along with client invoicing.
  • Resources to Make You Successful are regularly provided through our Franchise Intranet.  These resources include updated information on new vendor relationships, sales & marketing resources that can help increase your lead flow and offer tips on how to effectively follow up and track leads, and a forum to interact and gain knowledge from fellow Computer Troubleshooters franchise owners.
  • Sales & Marketing Support provided through a variety of full-circle programs and training materials. Our Sales & Marketing support touches almost every marketing medium and channel to help your campaigns be robust and successful..
  • Low Start-Up Costs help our franchise owners stay flexible and give them the opportunity to take advantage of marketing programs to help generate an initial client base, and vendor pricing to help drive down initial costs.