Business IT Support: Are You Ready to Make a Plan for 2014?

Published on: December, 27th 2013 | Under: How To: Technology 101, Industry News: This Week in IT, Managed Services, Technology & Tools

In these final weeks of 2013, many of us are reviewing our accomplishments of this past year and contemplating our plans for the coming year. Part of this review process includes setting new goals for ourselves both personally and professionally. For many of us, committing to new business and career goals often involves some combination of increasing efficiency while saving time and money. The desire to reduce stress by working smarter, not harder is frequently on the list. Using our time and resources more productively is always important, as is making informed decisions.

Business IT SupportAs you begin working on your list of business goals and resolutions for the coming year, Computer Troubleshooters would like to make one suggestion that can provide immediate benefits. We strongly encourage you to consider an IT support plan for your business.

How an IT Support Plan Can Cover a Number of Business Goals

A managed services provider can meet with you to assess your current systems and understand the needs of your business. After this initial assessment, a service plan can be developed that will shift the business’ responsibility of maintaining IT systems and services to a highly skilled IT professional.

Here are the top benefits of a business IT support plan:

  • Control costs by outsourcing IT support services to a technology professional. As opposed to having a full-time employee responsible for IT or trying to manage it yourself, contract with an IT specialist for specific tasks.  Outsourced IT support services will cost less and save your money, because your business pays only for needed services.
  • Efficiency and expertise are available through a business IT support plan. An IT specialist delivers a highly skilled level of service and can also provide up-to-date guidance on the latest products and services available.
  • Security risks are an increasing threat. Small businesses are a huge target for cybercriminals. Is your anti-virus software up to date? Are you running the most recent operating system? Are you using the latest customer transaction systems? Is your data secure? Protect yourself and your business by having a professional security assessment.
  • Save time by managing your business, not running an IT department. A business IT support plan will enable you to make informed decisions about technology with the guidance of a skilled IT professional. Work smarter, not harder. You can streamline your business practices by contracting with an IT specialist who can provide a higher level of skilled professional service for less money.

Keep the benefits of a business IT support plan in mind as you make resolutions for 2014.